Harry & Shirley Young Corporate Award
Presented to RBC

Transforming Lives AwardRBC joined forces with CAMH in 1998 at a time when those working in mental health struggled to find supporters, particularly corporations willing to lend their names to the cause. RBC took the bold step of publicly aligning its well-respected brand with CAMH. It's been nearly 20 years since that commitment, and RBC continues to be one of Canada's corporate leaders in supporting mental health.

RBC has been with CAMH every step of the way, and a champion of both the Transforming Lives Awards and UnMasked since their beginnings. As presenting sponsor of both, RBC has helped build and strengthen these biennial signature events. Early intervention is so important to young people at crucial stages in their development; RBC has been particularly instrumental in supporting child and youth mental health. Created in 2000, the RBC Chair in Children's Mental Health at CAMH set a new standard for corporate support for mental health when few corporations were bold enough to do so. The inaugural Chairholder, Dr. David Wolfe, led the development of a classroom-based violence prevention initiative, which has extended beyond Ontario's borders to become part of teaching across North America.

Most recently, CAMH was honoured to receive a $2-million commitment to establish the RBC Patient and Family Resource Centre at CAMH, a landmark initiative in mental health care. The resource centre will be the most comprehensive research-based program of its kind in the world, and will meet the urgent need youth and families have for knowledge, tools and education to help young people recover quickly, and fully.

The Centre builds on a momentum of transformation taking place both within CAMH and the larger mental health care system to eliminate barriers to care, reduce fragmentation and improve outcomes for people living with mental illness. "Our journey of supporting mental health began almost two decades ago. Together with organizations like CAMH, we have made great strides in helping reduce the stigma of mental illness and provide youth and their families with better access to the right mental health care at the right time," says Jamie Anderson, Deputy Chairman, RBC Capital Markets.



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